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Industrie manufacturière : culture

The manufacturing industry is currently managing talent gap crisis that will have an impact on industrial activities for the next decade and beyond. In fact, a report by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute reveals that the manufacturing skills gap is now anticipated to leave 2.1M jobs unfilled by 2030. Talent Attraction, Retention and Development are integral in helping manufacturers stand out in the market. Recently, SWA Consultants helped a Canadian manufacturer overcome the challenges of management efficiency with Leadership and Management Training, Corporate Consulting, management training consultant, business developer skills, cooperative training, and leadership Consulting in a remote work environment. Read about our impact by consulting the case study.



Manufacturier dans l’aérospatiale : Évaluation des performances

SHRM reports that More than 9 in 10 managers are not happy with the current annual review process. In addition, almost 9 in 10 HR leaders stated the process does not give accurate information. Yet at least once a year, both Managers and their direct reports dread the process . The extra work it entails, without understanding the benefits that this activity can have on the well being and performance of their teams.

Our client was looking to implement a new software to help facilitate the process. But hadn’t yet trained team members on how to leverage the tool and coach. Furthermore, their direct reports towards success based on the results of the process. See how we helped turn this into an opportunity for our client to grow as opposed to a chore to complete with best leadership training, business developer skills, and cooperative training.


Manufacturier international

According to a new McKinsey survey of executives across various industries; nine out of ten organizations will be combining hybrid work options in the future. The reality is a lot some of these employees are already benefiting from this possibility. There are opportunities to profit form the boost in productivity associated with remote work, but also risks of being disconnected from the reality of some of our collaborators. See how we implemented communication standards with leadership assessment training to equip Managers with the skills to manage this reality with empathy and efficiency.

Hospitalité et restauration

Among the hardest hit by Covid, McKinsey suggests that recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels in the hospitality sector could take until 2023—or later. What the past two years has made clear, is the necessity to  ensure accountability and tight controls in an industry with already thin margins. This starts with education and upskilling exiting employees with leadership training programs to face the challenges of the future head on as well as preparing to onboard a new wave of employees joining this industry to replace the thousands of positions vacated since the start of the pandemic. 

Vente au détail

While turnover and the war for talent is the biggest challenge facing managers in a retail environment, it is useless to address these challenges when they lack time to complete their regular tasks. As retail expert Bob Phibbs notes, few retail organizations offer much in the way of time-management training and leadership development program for their store managers. As a result, he says, the managers who are left to fend for themselves may easily become overwhelmed by the spiraling time crunch. Find out how we helped one of Canada’s largest employers build an Efficient Manager Training that helped free up the time these Managers needed to acquire the skills with our leadership training consultant that helped them overcome the pandemic with success.





non lucratif

Driven by values that prioritize the needs of their clients above their own, organizations in this sector live in a highly reactive environment. This reality causes employees stress when attempting to manage their time effectively and preserve a delicate work/life balance.  So they need leadership training for teams to tackle all issues effectively. Currently, this reality presents a challenge to the industry as studies show that about 30 percent of nonprofit workers are burned out, with an additional 20 percent in danger of burning out. See how, by addressing the use of technology and leadership and management training help to manage better communication and collaboration these employees gained between 3-7 hours or productivity per week and restore their work/life balance.   






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