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Results of more than 10,000 people trained.


Increased Productivity


Improved Retention


Reported Improved Collaboration


Boosted Engagement


Recouped their Training Investment

Satisfied clients

74% of Learning and Development Initiative
will fail to deliver the intended results

Discover modern solutions adapted to your people

Modern Content

Leadership 101

Leadership Advanced


Culture & Engagement

Catered & Customized

Proprietary Assessments Tools

Address Weak Links

Content Reflects Values

Integrated With Internal Initiatives

Knowledge & Longterm Impact

Skills Mobility

Integration & Coaching

Measurable Behavior Improvements

Safe & Valuable ROI


Developing your management TEAM HAS NEVER BEEN SIMPLER

Getting results is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1.

Identify the targets

Group participants by needs to boost impact.

Step 2.


Optimize your ROI by Measuring Before, During and After Training.

Step 3.

Build your curriculum

Adapted to your reality so your team gets more more, in less time!

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Very good training: interesting, complete, instructive contents and a captivating trainer. Everything met our expectations, we really appreciated it.

Julie Bilodeau, training and development director at Transat

I have worked with SWA for many years and continue to find their materials and approach innovative and ahead of market trends. Their impact is positive and measurable when it comes to investments in leadership or technical training. They are able to bend and adapt, even in the most complex situations.

Louise Mazzotta, Manager of People, Talent and Culture at VITA Community Living Services

With such a high turnover rate in our plant in 2018, we knew we had challenges to address in terms of talent retention. Thanks to the training program for our managers, the turnover rate has decreased by over 70%! Thank you SWA .

Isabelle Gendron, Director of Human Resources at ADF Group

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