Hospitality Case Study

With a reputation forged over the course of half a century, this restaurant is the go-to destination for business leaders and politicians to rub shoulders in Montreal, Canada.

Employer brand




Their Pains

A legendary steak house in Montreal for over 60 years is facing a wave of retirements and the war for talent is putting pressure on an already depleted industry struggling to survive.

Our Solution

By developing a management and employee incentive program complete with custom web based app, we transformed the loyalty and retention ratio to improve on field performance. The managers are now equipped to immediately recognize employee efforts (through points  that are redeemable in special events) and the employees obtained more leverage related to increase production or effort output.

The Results

Over our time with this client, all performance metrics went up. From sales to food/liquor profits, to customer reviews and most importantly: retention. The culture moved from a spiralling blame game to a performance & recognition contest.


High End Steakhouse and Bar


Montreal, Canada


125 Globally

Services swa Offered


Engagement Assessment


Outline targeted behaviors


Implemented Incentive Program


Recognition as tool for Retention

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