Core Beliefs

SWA strives to deliver captivating and interactive content that addresses the needs of today’s busy professional. To ensure a transformative experience for your team, we turn push initiatives into pull initiatives using the participant’s own motivation as we leverage proven concepts through experiential techniques that trigger new behaviors.

How We Motivate

We push boundaries, getting participants to leave their comfort zones and challenge themselves. Facing their own reflection in the Johari Window, we encourage learners, just like Simon Sinek, to find the Meaning behind their actions.  Taking on a coaching mindset based on recognition, that we learned from studying Ken Blanchard, we accompany learners on a path towards success.

We Know That

What Keeps Our Clients Coming Back

With a strong belief in the behavioral approaches of NLP, we focus on aligning powerful beliefs with a clear vision in order to generate motivation to Change and to take massive action towards results.

While Keith Cunnigham teaches business owners the path to successful management, our fresh and unique viewpoint allows us to be agile and adapt the message to the corporate context all in the name or results and efficiency. 

In summary: SWA can produce more results from your professional education initiative, all in less time, while maximizing your return on investment.

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Our Founders

Rob Wiseman

Rob Wiseman

Program Design

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Fred Simard

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