Non Profit Case Study: Efficient communications

A people centric organization providing a range of community-based services for adults with developmental disabilities . 


Quality of Communications


Their Pains

Coming from a position of care and service, employees were facing challenges related to internal communications and follow-ups combined with a lack of understand of how to leverage technological tools, created important productivity losses and stress related to missed deadlines. This loss of productivity and communication dysfunction limited the overall ability to service the needs.

Our Solution

By developing a clear, simple and effective internal communication protocol, we were able to recuperate several hours per week of lost productivity. We then delivered a custom training program that helped everyone to welcome the changes and adopt the new behaviors so that everyone was making the most of the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

The Results

The average worker gained 4.5 hours of added productivity per week and the company did not have to invest in any additional software.


Non-Profit organization


Toronto, Canada servicing Greater Toronto.


140 Globally

Services swa Offered


Productivity assessment


Communication protocol


Office 365 training


Efficiency training

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