Manufacturing Case Study: Hybrid Collaboration

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial steel valves, recognized as a  standard-bearer in quality and innovation.




Their Pains

With the pandemic imposing remote work and a hybrid reality on their workforce, their  managers lacked the tools necessary to face this new reality. Specifically how to motivate, mobilize and lead their respective teams that operated within various hybrid environments. How can they stay close to direct reports, ensure delivery of results while giving them the space to flourish in their roles? 

Our Solution

By building and delivering a custom training solution that blends our best concepts of management applied to the remote and hybrid reality, SWA has equipped team members with a uniform method that allows for efficient collaboration that focuses more on results than the clock. Furthermore, the training included specific concepts applied to collaborative tools like  Microsoft Office 365 including Microsoft TEAMS.

The Results

Our assessment of this case shows that participants grew their understanding of the methods of efficient hybrid  management  by 48%. This has allowed the client to become more agile while facing challenges and of course more productive as a result. 


International Manufacturer


North America, Europe and Asia.


1600 across North America, Europe and Asia.

Services swa Offered


Assess Communication skills


Standardize use of Office 365


Hybrid and remote management training


Efficient collaboration: Hybrid/Remote

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