The SWA conferences

Have an event coming up?

How do you ensure that your desired message is accurately conveyed? That the speaker relates to the audience and that the conference is a huge success with long lasting impact?

At SWA, we build and adapt every conference with the same approach:

  1. Understand the context, the audience, their pains, their needs and, of course, the goal of the event.
  2. Assemble concepts from our library to match your needs.
  3. Integrate our key ingredients for success (Warmth, Impact, Participation, Strong closing, WOW factor).
  4. Ensure cultural relevancy.
  5. Validate our conference preview with you.
  6. Delivered by a crowd pleasing and knowledgeable speaker.
  7. Concierge approach to Logistics.

You can expect:

  • Memorable moments.
  • A powerful message aligned with your goals.
  • Concrete wins that your people will apply the minute they leave the room.
  • Effective content adapted to your culture.
  • Sharing of best practices in corporate world.
  • A flawless collaboration with you for all logistical aspects.
  • Positive ROI.
  • Successfully Build your Future.
  • Transform a Vision into Results.
  • Align your Team Towards Success.
  • Mobilize the Troops.
  • Stimulate Creative Thinking.
  • Leadership up.
  • Leadership in times of change.
  • 360 leadership.
  • Get more from everyone.
  • Optimize your management interventions.
  • Become a coach.
  • The power of genuine recognition and short interventions.
  • Conduct meetings like a pro.
  • Create action plan.
  • Master the art of follow-up.
  • Incredible service.
  • Managing difficult clients.
  • Cross-selling for service people.
  • Uncover needs.
  • The art of listening.
  • Email mastery.
  • Leverage technology to better communicate.
  • Internal customer service.
  • Communicate more efficiently.
  • Drive change and mobilize laterally.
  • Build a simple business case that makes a difference.
  • Build a business case.
  • The efficient manager.
  • The efficient professional.
  • Better manage your time in a technological world.

About SWA speaker Fred Simard

For over 30 years now, expert conference and audience captivator Fred Simard has been in front of crowds creating special moments. Combining a deep business knowledge with real business results, he shares proven effective concepts to which people can easily relate.

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