The Frog in the Pot

The Frog in the Pot 7 essential keys to self observation: As mentioned in a previous post, Sears and Amazon taught us to question our environment. It always seems so obvious when observing others, but what about Changes within our own organisations? Are you familiar with the classic parable about the frog in a pot […]

Are you Sears or Amazon?

Are you Sears or Amazon? On May 15 1997 Amazon, a struggling online bookstore, went public with an IPO that valued the company at just over 400M$. In October 1997, Sears was the second largest retailer in the United States, posting third quarter profits of more than 300M$. Sears had already cut circulation of their […]

Change Manifesto

Change! A manifesto by SWA consultants We believe that the business landscape is Changing EVERYWHERE. Industry Leaders disappear while emerging players vie to take control of the field. What used to take years of slow erosion now gets totally overhauled in the blink of an eye. Technological advances in Business Intelligence, AI and workflow optimisation, […]