Our mission:

Help people change to perform!

Our values



We believe that no two companies are exactly alike, and neither are your people. For your people to accept and integrate Change, we need to reflect the challenges they face daily in their role. Everything we do is based on your reality.


People can achieve tremendous things when they really want to. That’s why our relationship with the participants begins by clarifying what’s in it for them. It is not about us pushing them but about them being clear on why they want to pull.


In order to produce real Change, it must be dosed efficiently in time so as not to impede daily operations but also drive momentum towards your goals. Every minute of every intervention has to perfectly match the reality of the audience.


Aligning your team towards a common goal and clear vision will make all the difference in the successful implementation of Change.


By integrating homework, coaching and supervised projects into our curriculums we ensure that there is support for participants to acquire and develop new competencies and make those changes their own to have permanent impact.


Change is hard, and doesn’t come natually to most people. Recognizing those who excel and embrace the Change is part of what makes our approach work. Not only does recognition motivate but it gives the Change a new meanning for the participants.



of organizations have an agreed-upon strategy


of employees understand the organizations’s strategy

Less than 10%

of all organizations successfully execute the strategy

Source: Preformance Management: Putting Research Into Action (2009) page 53, Figure 2.2

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