Consulting and Advisory Services

The outside perspective provided by the Consultants at SWA brings light to the challenge of addressing your desired Change. Reflect next to our team to and let us guide those thoughts towards concrete results.

Our consultants will help you get clarity on your people’s competencies across 13 different variables like:

  • Communication
  • Delegation with Power
  • Leadership of Self
  • Leadership of Others
  • Leadership Down
  • Leadership Up
  • Motivation Towards Success
  • Leverage Time and Technology
  • Etc.

Data collection is conducted in person, remotely and through the use of advanced data analytics. Information is compiled in reports that shed light on the best path to take to address the desired Change.

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that there are numerous programs that can help subsidize activities related to: Hiring, Marketing, and of course Training. These programs are often difficult to navigate and require precise timing to maximize funds. SWA’s experience with these programs can be leveraged to optimise your budgets.

Promoting equity in the workplace influences the organisation at various levels; motivation, talent retention, and performance. In Quebec, the government requires you to do an exercise to prove that you have an equitable distribution of pay. Let our team of consultants navigate this process for you to save you time.

Employers with a payroll of over 2M$ annually are obligated to document expenses relative to 1% of their payroll on training. This can be a laborious exercise, especially if you have to do it for the first time. Our team of consultants can save you time and money by facilitating this process.

Discover now what the methodology can do for you